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Trauma Counseling

Trauma counseling and trauma healing from a Christian perspective offer a pathway to restoration and wholeness for individuals who have endured deep emotional wounds. It recognizes that trauma can have profound impacts on the mind, body, and spirit and seeks to provide a safe and compassionate space where healing can take place.

What can I expect?

At JoyCare Center, we understand that trauma can cause the mind to disassociate as a way to protect itself from overwhelming pain. Our dedicated counselors are trained in trauma-informed approaches that invite Jesus to restore the broken heart and heal the neurological pathways of the mind.

In the process of trauma counseling, we believe that Jesus is not only the ultimate source of healing but also the One who longs to bind up the brokenhearted, as Isaiah 61:1 tells us. He offers comfort, restoration, and a pathway towards healing for those who have experienced trauma.

Our trauma counseling approach integrates evidence-based techniques with the transformative power of faith. We work with individuals to heal the impacts of trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and dissociative identity disorder (DID) and other personality disorders. Our counselors are committed to walking alongside individuals, providing support, validation, and guidance as they surrender to Jesus and begin the process of healing.

Through online Christian trauma counseling, individuals have the opportunity to invite Jesus into their healing journey Together, we explore the depths of God's love, trusting Him to restore what has been broken and to heal the neurological pathways of the mind. Our counselors facilitate a nurturing environment where individuals can experience the presence and power of Jesus, allowing Him to bring healing and transformation to their lives.

By relying on prayer, Scripture, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we guide individuals in processing their traumatic experiences, inviting Jesus to bring His light into the traumatized and shattered parts of their hearts. We believe that as individuals surrender their pain and brokenness to Him, Jesus can heal and restore their minds, emotions, and spirits, creating new pathways of healing, resilience, and hope.


Together, we trust in His power to bring profound transformation, deep healing, and lasting freedom.

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